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Linda Hutchinson is a seasoned HR Specialist with impressive credentials, including a Bachelor's in Management and a Master's in Human Resources Management, backed by over two decades of federal government experience.


Her HR career originated with a high school internship at NASA's Office of Human Resources in 2004. Linda earned a reputation as the "resume whisperer" by assisting family and friends with their resumes. During the federal government shutdown in December 2018, she launched Simplicity Resume Consulting (SRC) to support her income and found she had a passion for helping clients achieve their career goals through resume enhancement.


Motivated by client inquiries about career management and job application processes, Linda decided to broaden her offerings by obtaining a coaching certification. To maintain relevance and excellence in her services, in 2023, she became a Certified Professional Career Coach with PARWCC. Linda's dedication to her craft over 6 years has seen her assist more than 130+ clients in securing their ideal jobs.


The most beneficial product you can get from a career coach is a new resume. With SRC not only is your resume in good hands, but you have the biggest cheerleader standing behind you and supporting you in your career journey.

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