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You will have the tools you need to take charge of your career. With SRC, you will take the time to examine your career journey and status in the job search process through career coaching sessions. You will not only have the career marketing documents you need but you will know how to utilize them effectively to land the position of your dreams.



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“Working with Simplicity Resume Consulting was one of the smartest decisions I have made in my career. Linda took her time to understand my experience, goals, what I looked for in my next job, and used that information to craft an incredible resume for me. One that gave me the confidence to dive into a tough job market knowing that I would stand out as a strong candidate. I thought that I had a great resume before, but I just wasn’t getting leads. Once I uploaded my new resume onto job searching platforms I had recruiters reaching out to me, for the first time in my professional experience. After a relatively short search period, I have secured a job earning almost twice the salary as my last. A worthwhile investment in myself and a wonderful business.” - Jose Soto, Operations Manager

"I know I’ve already told you that you’re amazing and your work to my resume was BEYOND amazing, but in my last interview even the company said my resume & the way it was written was super impressive — which is a testament to your skills we both know it was def looking crazy before you rewrote it I have only even been seriously applying for jobs for maybe a month now, so the fact that I even got an offer is largely to this new resume (and shout-out to God) I really can’t thank you enough. I actually have a second pending offer as well!" - Staci Williams, Graphic Designer



With 20 of experience in HR, including five years running a successful resume writing and consulting firm with over 130+ clients secure their dream jobs, I have witnessed firsthand the power of an effective resume.


In today's competitive job market, standing out from the crowd can be challenging. With AI tools blurring personal distinctions, it's even more difficult to make a memorable impression. But don't worry - I have a simple yet effective approach to resume writing and career coaching that ensures my clients confidently navigate each stage of the application process.


At Simplicity Resume Consulting, we offer top-notch resume writing and career coaching services to help you take control of your career. We will help you understand your aspirations and turn them into actionable steps. Your resume will reflect your professional achievements and guide you toward your future successes.


By choosing Simplicity Resume Consulting, you are investing in a partnership that cultivates your professional growth and opens doors to new opportunities.

Now, will you take control of your career? Schedule a consultation today.

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What can you expect in any of our consultations?

  • A one on one experience where we ask questions, develop a plan, and put into action

  • To have your own revelation and testament about your professional journey

  • To work on setting you apart from the crowd and instilling the confidence needed to traverse the entire application process right up to onboarding

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