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  • Why should I use Simplicity Resume Consulting (SRC) to create/edit my resume?
    SRC is your ideal choice for creating and editing your resume because we provide a personal one on one experience to design the best custom resume possible. There are several competitors for you to choose from. And most will charge you based on the type of position you are applying to. They may even suggest you purchase multiple resumes and run your information through a computer for a standard template resume. But SRC believes you only need one incredible resume to get the position you always wanted and provides reasonable pricing to get you started.
  • Does SRC do federal government resumes?
    The simple answer is yes. You do not need to have a separate resume whether you are applying to private industry or the federal government. For federal government resumes, you may be asked to use the template. However the information you provide is exactly the same as your custom resume. Competitors only tell you to have to have a separate resume to get you to spend more money.
  • Does SRC do military resumes?
    Yes, absolutely! We understand that the goal is to transfer your military skills for the civilian workforce. The consultation process is exactly the same whether we are doing entry-level, professional/mid-career, or federal government. That's why at SRC we do not have multiple pricing levels for the "types" of resumes you desire.
  • What are your pricing plans?
    Pricing at SRC depends on what services you need. For additional questions (or if you would like the New Resume Package) you may email us for inquiry. With each pricing option you make a one-time payment which will be paid at the beginning of process.
  • What does it mean to be a Student or Entry Level position to apply the discounted price for the Existing Resume Package?
    Student are those actively pursing undergraduate or gradate degrees. Entry Level position are clients with less than 2 years of experience. Pricing will be disclosed upon review of existing resume prior to the invoice being completed.
  • Can you guarantee me that I will get hired?
    No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will get hired. However, we can guarantee you a custom resume that will stand out against your competition. The resume is only the first step. In order to get you hired, a resume is the first impression an employer will have of you, but each employer has their own recruiting and interviewing process. In taking the time with us, we will create the best resume that shows who you are and will help navigate you toward the right positions to apply to based on your education, skills, and experiences.
  • How long is the process to complete my custom resume?
    The process begins after the scheduled 30 to 60 min. consultation. The process takes 3-5 business days after the consultation. If you need the resume sooner, under our Additional Services options we offer "Rush Resume Service" in which the process takes 1-2 business days after consultation for each document.
  • Are your consultations and career coaching session in-person or virtual?
    All services provided by SRC are virtual. The resume writing consultations are via phone call. Our career coaching sessions are via video teleconference or phone call.
  • Do you mail out a hard copy of your completed resume and/or cover letter?
    No, all transactions with SRC are paper-free. You will receive your custom resume and/or cover letter in a Word Document Format via email. The subject line of the email will say "SRC - Your Resume is Ready!" That way you can make your own edits and print your resume to your desired state.
  • What if I want to update my resume after services are completed?
    For all content updates such as an update to your experience, not a problem! Just select "Additional Services Only" on the Contact Us form and we can add that new position or skill to existing SRC resumes for a small fee. Please refer to the Services Page for updated pricing.
  • How do I get started with Career Coaching services?
    Remember that we have Career Coaching packages and A-La-Carte Career Coaching sessions to choose from. Go to the Contact Us form and select your Career Coaching Package or A-La-Carte Career Coaching Sessions. We will be in contact you in your desired preference to get the specific details and finalize your pricing.
  • What is the best way to contact SRC?
    The best way to contact SRC is via email. Please go to the Contact Us page and let's get started.
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