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Getting to "You've Been Selected": General Q&A Mini-Blog Series Part IV

Updated: May 4, 2022

We are at the 4th and final installment of my "You've Been Selected" mini-blog series on the top common questions I receive from my clients and career seekers. So why did it take so much time to get to this final installment?

I'm glad you asked. Before we dive into the last question, I just want to let you know 2020 hit us with a punch. But I have to remind myself as well, that in the loud noise of politics, social and racial injustice, a pandemic, loss of loved ones, and international strife, that we still have a purpose. We still have dreams, goals, and ambitions that we cannot allow the obstacles that come before us to get in the way. I like you, needed time to recharge and get back to my passion. I'm a woman who wears many hats in a day, but I'm determined to believe that challenges lead us to our greatness. I look forward to sharing more topics with you. Until then, let me answer this question about the follow-up after the interview...

Should I send a follow-up email after the interview?

I think it's extremely valuable to send a follow-up email after an interview. To send a follow-up communication displays assertion and professionalism, while also showing that you are still interested in the position. I once applied to a position and made it through first and second-round interviews. I did not hear anything for a few weeks, so I decided to follow up with an email just to make sure. I found out that they made another selection, but they were so impressed with my resume, they were interested in offering me another opportunity.

I ended up turning the position down but I'm glad I had followed up with them because I was sure they were greatly interested in me. And even if you don't know if you did good or bad during the interview (refer to my interview tips from mini-blog III), there is nothing wrong with being confident to acknowledge your interest in the position you desire. You just never know what is going on in the process of the organization. So I think a follow-up email after an interview is vital to remind employers that you are ready to say yes when offered the position.

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