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At 30, Try

Hi! I’m Linda. I’m guessing a lot of you were expecting a blog about the best resume writing tips, and HR principles on how to get the job. And at some point, we will get to that but thank you for taking the time to scroll through I’m a new entrepreneur, a wife, a mother, a lover of Christ, and now a blogger as well.

I don’t expect thousands of people to flood my page, because people don’t really know me. Well my blog is my opportunity to share a little bit about me, as well as my life experiences, and I’m excited to use this platform to talk about things that matter to me. So I’m 31 now, and will be 32 by the end of this year. I’m incredibly blessed to have an amazing husband, and just over a year ago we bought into this world our beautiful blessing of a daughter, Braelynn. So where am I going with this…

I think at 30 I had an epiphany about life. At 30 I realized that I had more control of my actions and choices than I realized. I was in the middle of my first pregnancy at the time, and was thrilled to be 30 and pregnant. I started seeing through a different lens on life because I realized that I spent my 20’s worrying about some of the smallest, most trivial things. But now, I have a child and I want her to break the glass of the lens I’ve been looking through. I always wanted to do a blog, but was afraid of other folks’ opinions and people are just so easily offended these days. So I am putting the disclaimer out now, I am not expert on ANYTHING in life. But it’s God who gives me the strength and courage to try and try anyways.

At the end of December 2018, the Government Shutdown affected my family. My husband, David and I both worked for the federal government. And we were victims of the politics of this country, being furloughed for 35 days. And let me be frank, 35 days of not working with no pay check is not a vacation! Fortunately we had savings, and David is so talented, that he knows how to hustle if it came to that point. So while I knew we were taken care of, I thought to myself I’m scared.

I’m scared because I want to be able to provide for my family too. I always wanted to have my own business. However in my 20’s I put it in my head that I did not want to sale anything to anybody. At 30 I realized, that if you have a passion and an expertise in something, and people would pay for that expertise, you might as well go for it.

I’ve worked in HR for quite some time, and I know a good resume when I see one. I’ve created and revised friends and families’ resumes for years, not realizing that I had a gift that my family always told me about, but I did not think it was a big deal. That’s when I realized that Simplicity Resume Consulting combined my dream of entrepreneurship and creativity all into one. And to add to my pivotal realization, I discovered that by doing this I’m showing Braelynn that you should never give up on your dreams and to stop being afraid. Because even if it fails, I tried. And that’s all that matters.

So while my epiphany hit me a little later than I wanted at 30, I just want to encourage you to keep trying. There is no set period for a restart or a refresh to your life. Give yourself room to make mistakes, learn from them, and choose to be different the next day. And everyone won’t stay with you or support you on your journey. And that’s okay too. But at whatever age you may be, I insist you keep trying.



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